Megens Installations

Megens Installations: Well measured, well made.

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Megens Installations: Well measured, well made.

When there is plenty of work but skilled workers are scarce, there is a lot of pressure on the productivity of MEP contractors. To ensure that productivity remains high, Dutch contractor Megens Installations has found a solution in technology.

Digitization and BIM play an important role in the construction logistics processes at Megens Installations, a Dutch MEP contractor. According to technical director Armand van Andel, this has brought the company many advantages: “Think of excluding clashes, generating bills of materials from the model that can be ordered directly through our ERP system, and saving time by working with prefab software. The transfer of information is central to all of our processes. Our vision is that if we do something, we should do it in such a way that the next person in the construction workflow can proceed with it.”

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