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The Golden Gate of Amsterdam

The Golden Gate of Amsterdam

It’s the future eyecatcher of Amsterdam’s skyline: The Golden Gate (NL: Pontsteiger). Not only its outstanding design, but also the level of detail makes this BIM-project unique.

The building is 90 metres and 27 stories high and the upper layers are shaped as a bridge between two towers. The ground floor is intended for commercial use and the floors above will house 366 rental apartments. For this challenge, the cooperating parties opted for a far-reaching BIM approach.

High level of detail

BIM-Modeller Edgar Movsisyan, commercial manager Jacob Smink and Director Marco Koster tell us more about the cooperation. Marco: "Although we already have contributed to many BIM projects, this is one is a special challenge. We have not previously realized a BIM project in such depth and high detail." In the project all parties are working together in one model, in which everything is visible.

The biggest advantage of BIM is for Steboma the reduced risk of clashes in the execution phase. Provided that all of the models in the project are present. Marco: "at the moment when, for example, isokorbs or IDocks for hanging balconies aren’t included in the model, you run the risk that there still will be clashes on the construction site, despite of your good collaboration.”

What’s also special about the project is that client options are taken into account in the design process. The team creates an overview of clashes that are caused purely by buyers. Marco explains: "when a buyer wants to have a bath somewhere else, this has an impact on the top and the underlying installations. Now we can signal this kind of clashes on time. In a normal process, this would not have been reported.”

Designing in Revit

For the Golden Gate project, all ventilation systems have been completely designed with Stabicad for Revit. While many engineers often choose to create their drawings in AutoCAD for the sake of time, the modellers at Steboma actually prefer to design with Revit. Edgar: "Revit makes it easy to keep everything under control, such as the velocity and diameters. Stabicad for Revit allows you to quickly set up, dimension and calculate your model. It is a very intelligent program. Even when other parties request a DWG file, I prefer to create the first drawing in Revit. In AutoCAD you may draw faster, but you'll miss functionality from the start."

More than 3D

With the prestigious Golden Gate project Steboma proves that BIM is much more than just drawing in 3D. It's all about sharing the right information, in the right way, at the right time, with the right partners. Marco: "it is important that all parties in the construction industry continue to grow with BIM. In about two years both the housing industry and the utility will all work in Revit. With BIM it’s either all or nothing. You cannot do ‘just a bit’ of BIM. We have taken BIM in this project very far, but it is definitely the future. "

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